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Log to Chair course

The course will be run over 6 days, during which you will learn how to turn a log into a chair using traditional green woodworking tools and techniques!  We will be making a framed chair with either a ladder back or spindles, and a woven seat.  You will be introduced to the following skills and green woodworking techniques:

  • Wood selection
  • Cleaving wood using wedges and/or a froe
  • Removing unwanted wood using a side axe
  • Shaving wood using a shaving horse and draw knife & spoke shave
  • Steam bending & setting jigs
  • Making tennons
  • Drilling mortices with hand brace and bit
  • Drying chair components
  • Chair Assembly
  • Weaving a seat (hemp rope, kamba, bark, there is an additional charge for seat materials)
    Sharpening tools.

There is also a pole lathe set up outside the workshop, where you will be able to grasp the basics of pole lathe turning, provided your chair is on course to completion!

Next course:


  • 11 - 16 JUNE 2016
  • 1 - 6 JULY 2016


£395 plus the cost of seating material (£20-£50)